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News: New Single 'Welcome To Dartford' now available on iTunes

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40DUBst are a group from Dartford in Kent that write, produce, record and market all there own material. Keeping it real is what its all about as far as 40DUBst are concerned so everything from them is raw sounding and very grounded but always packed with hooks, melodies and comedy along with beats that bang!

They formed as a group in October 2010 after MC Spanish Fly just happened to comment on a wall post by MC Truefull about a song he had an idea for called 'Welcome To Dartford', just two days later they got in the studio with producer Filthy Beatz and the track was done! 6 months later a 16 track album 'Welcome To Our Town'was finished and history was made.

40DUBst are a SKA / Hip-Hop / Dub group that draw on many influences due to the members of the group and where they have come from musically, very British sounding, diverse and original. 40DUBst believe in being all about where your from and not where its cool to say you're from, so all there songs are based on places, people, experiences, emotions and things they have actually seen, been through or done.

40DUBst = Think Big.. Dream Big.. Wake up MASSIVE!

40DUBst Track Previews
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Welcome To Dartford


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Settle Down


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